Rail baltica

Avesco Rent Lithuania: Your Premier Partner for Rail Baltica Project Equipment Rentals

The Rail Baltica project, a monumental infrastructure undertaking connecting the Baltic States to the European rail network, demands precision, expertise, and cutting-edge equipment. Avesco Rent Lithuania emerges as the go-to choice for equipment rentals, offering an unparalleled range of resources and unrivaled support for the Rail Baltica project.

Extensive Equipment Fleet:

At Avesco Rent Lithuania, we understand the diverse needs of the Rail Baltica project. Our extensive fleet of construction and industrial equipment, ranging from excavators and loaders to cranes and specialized machinery, is meticulously maintained and readily available to meet your unique requirements.

Leading-Edge Technology

We believe in staying ahead of the curve. Our equipment is equipped with the latest technological innovations to enhance productivity and efficiency on your Rail Baltica project site. With Avesco Rent Lithuania, you’re always working with cutting-edge tools.

Reliability, Expertise, Availability

Reliability and safety are paramount to us. Our team of skilled technicians conducts regular inspections and maintenance checks, ensuring that every piece of machinery we provide is in optimal working condition, reducing downtime and keeping your project on track.

Our staff possesses extensive knowledge of the construction and railway sectors. We’re not just equipment providers; we’re your partners in success. Count on us for expert advice and guidance tailored to your Rail Baltica project’s unique needs.

Whether your project timeline is short or long-term, Avesco Rent Lithuania offers flexible rental solutions tailored to your exact specifications. With our well-maintained, readily available equipment, you’ll maximize efficiency and minimize delays.